Student Discount at GYM 21


"There's something for everyone here. Beginners to advanced. You can just come and do your thing."
D. Moore

"I was impressed by the range of facilities. I'm come here for cardio and general fitness and I have everything that I need."
P. Atkiss

"Been coming here for years. Best gym in Liverpool, as far as we are concerned."
B & J Walker

"Being able to pay as I go was a big factor for me. I work away a lot so I didn't want to be bound to financial contracts."
T. Dahl


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In this section you can find out more about Bill Jones, owner of GYM 21.


Bill Jones

Bill Jones is a unique athlete, as he has competed at the top level in more than one sport. Not only is a Bill a successful Body-Builder, he has also competed for his country as a Karate Champion.

Bill has won just about every Body-Building title that there is to win. After
winning Mr England, Mr United Kingdom and Mr Great Britain, he went on to the International stage to win the Mr Universe title.

"Keeping fit makes sense. The fitter you are, the better you look - and the better you feel about yourself. Everyone should strive to be fit - whatever their ability".

Bill Jones, Owner of GYM 21

Bill took up Body-Building at the age of 25, after his deep-sea diving career was dramatically cut short. He was travelling all over the world inspecting oil rigs, when disaster struck in the Gulf. Iran was at war with Iraq and Bill's ship was hit by an Exocet missile.

Many of Bill's friends were killed or badly burned, but Bill was lucky, as he was inside his cabin at the time of impact. However, the pressure from the explosion burst Bill's ear drums, ending his diving career.


Bill Jones

Bill has always recognised the importance of contributing to the local community and Gym 21 is no exception.

Bill has been involved in a number fund-raising activities,
including the David Koritar Appeal (Pictured right).

Gym members managed to raise enough money to secure a life-support machine for baby David.

It goes without saying that we must recognise that the REAL heroes are Neurological surgeon Paul May and all of the nurses and staff at Alder Hey Children's Hospital Liverpool.

Because of their hard work and dedication in caring for baby David, he is currently doing well.

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FITNESS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE 13 October 2010, 12.14
"Look Good, Feel Good" is the catchphrase of former Mr Universe and Gym 21 owner, Bill Jones. However, Bill includes everybody in that statement - including disabled people. "Everybody should strive to be fit,

AN INTERVIEW WITH BILLY 12 October 2010, 17.57
Former Mr Universe Bill Jones, does more exercise per week than most of us do in a year! As owner of Gym 21, he has no excuse to let himself slip, especially since he is a fitness instructor at the gym. Bill
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